About Us

Dwell Development (Dwell), has been an innovative force in Denver residential “Infill” construction for the past 20 years. We are one of the pioneers in the Denver redevelopment revolution, including scrape-off and new-build development, and large scale renovation projects in All of Denver’s best neighborhoods.   

Dwell Development combines a commitment to absolute transparency with a friendly, professional attitude to meet any construction challenge head-on.  We pride ourselves in guiding our clients through what can be a complex process with a hands-on and problem-solving approach that distinguishes us from many of the smaller, less experienced local general contractors and design-build firms.

We help to simplify the process, and provide a single point of contact for homeowners considering a new custom home, or large renovation project, and can help strategize which approach is best in sync with the economic and usability goals of the client.  We work with the best local architects, interior design consultants, engineers, and lenders to make a complex endeavor relatively simple.  Unlike many infill developers, who tend to specialize in specific architectural styles, i.e. “Contemporary” or “Farmhouse” or “Classic Denver Stone & Brick”, Dwell has vast experience in design and construction, of all home styles, and we bring a fresh perspective to the construction process, helping to collaborate with the Design team to bring your ideas to life.

We also regularly partner or JV with national and local real estate investors, to find innovative investment opportunities together, and we have a long track record of quality investment projects.  We are a mid-sized developer that brings the quality and processes from a larger developer, combined with the nimble creativity found in a smaller builder, GC.     

We live in the same neighborhoods in which we build, and therefore have a unique perspective on true infill neighborhood living. Whether you are considering a custom single-family home, a pop-top, a unique renovation, or a real estate investment opportunity, we have a footprint in every notable neighborhood in Denver, and a foundation and track record of excellence. Feel free to Contact Us for any future projects.