Full Renovation & Homebuilding Services

At Dwell Development, we are a full-service custom home builder, we walk you through the entire home building process, step by step, to ensure our team is perfectly matching your vision. As a design-build firm, we handle every stage of your home's completion, from concepts to the finishing touches. Whether you're in the market for a custom home build, a full-home renovation, or general contracting, you can trust us to be transparent, up-front, friendly and professional. We live in the same neighborhoods that we build in, so you can rest assured that we'll treat your home as if it were ours.

Custom Home Builder

No matter the style, whether you are looking for a mid-century modern design, boho or a modern farmhouse we'll build it. Unlike other custom home builders, who may only specialize in "Modern" or "Classic," at Dwell no style is beyond our capabilities. With our award-winning exteriors and interiors, your custom home will come out better than imagined.

Full Renovations

At Dwell, we're experts and transforming the home you love into a home you love more. With our team of experienced builders and expert interior designers at the helm, your home will feel new all over again. Let us change your living space into something fresh, exciting, and truly unique.

General Contractor

As a full design-build firm, our projects are always highly organized and unified in vision. We carefully coordinate every action that goes into your project, resulting in better communication, fewer setbacks, and a finished home that is always within budget and on time.

Custom Home Builder

All around Denver and its surrounding communities, custom homes are being built to new standards. These new homes are being made with more modern materials, with new amenities installed, and with sustainability in mind. Our designs include modern farmhouse designs, custom mid-century modern builds as well boho inspired layouts, and many other award-winning design styles. At Dwell, we are more than equipped to keep up with the contracting industry's rapidly evolving standards - and to do so within your means. No matter what expertise your project demands, you can trust Dwell to find the best people in the business while bringing your home to fruition.

Here are the key reasons Dwell is the best choice for your new home:

  • The best expertise in the business. Our quest for perfection starts with our team. The best quality homes start with the bright minds behind it, so at Dwell, we go out of our way to find the best associates in Denver. We work with the best local architects, to help make your visions for your home concrete and realized. We work with the best lenders, to make your new home as easy on the budget as can be. We work with the best interior designers, to make your home as stylish and welcoming on the inside as it is on the outside.
  • Custom home builder with the community in mind. To make a house a true, integral part of its community, your builder needs to truly know that community - what is its character? What styles and conventions does this community use, and which does it avoid? How can a house fit neatly into this community, yet make it stand out in a way that'll catch the neighborhood's attention? At Dwell, we not only answer these questions, but factor our findings into our blueprints for your home.
  • Any style, anywhere. As many neighborhoods have their own identity, look and feel, any new constructions need to match that identity, look and feel. Our experienced builders know just how to adapt a new home to its community, whether that be style, structural motifs, building materials, or layout style. Where other building companies stick to just one style they're familiar with, like "modern" or "contemporary" or "mid-century," at Dwell we can build in any style you like, or match the style of any neighborhood you'd like to live in.
  • Decades of home building experience and a passion for perfection. Our team has decades of combined experience with bringing abstract visions into reality, with professional, award-winning results. Even if your vision isn't as concrete as you might like, our experienced architect team will sit down with you and walk through your ideas - we'll nail down your preferred style, layout, amenities, building materials and more, then get back to you with a home concept of our own. From there, we can tool and retool our design to your heart's content. After all, it's your vision, we're just here to make it reality.

Full Renovations

Sometimes, you like your home, even love it, but you still wish there were a few things different about it. Maybe you'd like a revamped exterior, or maybe it's time to give your whole house a touchup on the inside. We've been there, and it's why we're proud to carry our reputation of one of Denver's premier full-home renovators.

Our specialty is taking your home and molding it into something stunning and all-new. No matter the age or condition of your home, we at Dwell Development will take on the task of rejuvenating or restoring it. From comprehensive remodels to modern touchups, we've got your whole-home renovation needs covered. Focusing in exclusively on full-home renovations gives us a great degree of flexibility, from the creative liberty to custom-make an entire interior design ensemble, to great efficiency and assurance in the building process.

Being a full-home renovator also grants us several advantages, which ultimately mean benefits for you:

  • Better design cohesion. We know how to make rooms harmonize with one another, and how to make exteriors harmonize with homes around them. Our approach means you're left with one unified, cohesive, beautiful design language that will be the envy of your neighbors.
  • Keep what you love, change what you don't. Renovation allows you to stay where you love, as opposed to purchasing a new home, and we at Dwell know just how to emphasize the things about your house you love. If you love your home's natural lighting, we'll highlight it and incorporate it into our design scheme. If you love your home's mid-century modern aesthetic, we'll keep that in mind as our interior designers get to work. The best part - we can take what you love about one room or one facet of your home, and incorporate it throughout your entire home seamlessly.
  • You have agency of your own redesign. You'll be hands-on in your own redesign when you contract Dwell. Where other companies will encourage you to take a backseat in the building of your own home, we'll keep you constantly in the loop, and give you a big degree of say in how your redesign goes.

General Contracting

As contractors, our process is at the heart of everything we do, and at Dwell, our process is the entire process. Unlike other firms, which may exclusively design homes or exclusively build homes, Dwell is a design-build contractor - meaning we're your one partner for every step of the homebuilding process. From the first phone call, we'll be with you nonstop until you move in - from the initial hands-on conceptualization, to the moment you're handed your key.

We at Dwell Development enjoy several key benefits as a design-build firm - benefits that directly translate into benefits for you:

  • Great organization. At Dwell, we act as a command center for all parties involved in your build - instructing and coordinating architects, designers, builders, utility workers, and anyone else integral to completing your house. This way, we vastly improve cross-party communication and mitigate the risk of mistakes or mix-ups.
  • A streamlined homebuilding process. Our numerous years of design-build experience means we've got this process down to a science. We've mastered things like task delegation and inter-team communication, meaning we know how to make things get done both quickly and properly.
  • Better prices for you. We do it all here at Dwell, and the combination of our efficiency and baseline affordability means we can offer our services for less than the competition - especially in comparison to the price of contracting several different non-design-build firms.