The Top 2022 Custom Home Building Trends

custom home building trends

Your home is a microcosm of you. Your tastes, your style, your aesthetics — and this is especially true of custom homes, as anyone who’s designed their own home can tell you. But beyond that, a custom home is also a microcosm of the times, for most custom home builders a home incorporates all the features and accents of the era in which it was built. And that’s never been more true today — from interior design to environmental friendliness, recent custom home building trends are where modern design ideas and trends meet modern amenities and building practices.

But as is the case with all trends, they come and go, often before you even know it. So, if you’re in the market for a new custom home of your own, take a moment to read through six of the most popular 2022 custom home building trends.


A Sustainable Home is a Happy Home

With kindness to the environment being all the rage these days, it’s no wonder why people would want their home to be environmentally-friendly too. Beyond just turning off lights when no one’s around and keeping the AC at a modest level, modern homes are capable of better energy-efficiency and sustainability than ever before.

From the foundations to the interiors, recent advancements in custom home design and custom home building trends has allowed for sustainability improvements on ever level. Innovative insulations, new building materials and methods, and highly insulating windows are just the start of what a modern custom home can do for reducing your carbon footprint. And with smart home features, like thermostats and light switches, you can optimize your energy use effortlessly. Custom homebuilders can build your home with sustainability in mind from beginning to end, and your environment will thank you for it.

Interior Custom Home Building Trends

No one wants their brand new custom home to look last year. Interior design trends switch things up all the time, and if you want a trendy-looking home, here are some of the most popular trends we’ve seen that you should keep in mind:

custom home building trends

  • Modern farmhouse. The modern farmhouse style is one of the top Colorado custom home building trends, and with its uniquely homey feel and modern spin on the rustic, Old West look, it’s no secret as to why. Embrace your inner country-person with a home style that’s the envy of the industry.
  • Mid-century modern. A look that never goes out of style (it’s been here since mid-last century, after all!), this design trend offers up a solid, never-out-of-fashion ambiance that will keep looking fantastic for decades to come.
  • Bohemian. This interior style, also known as Boho, has exploded in popularity recently, alongside the growing popularity of the whole Bohemian aesthetic. For those who consider themselves free-spirited or love free-form patterns and colors, the Boho style is definitely a style to consider for your custom home.

Returning to the Outdoors

After spending so long cooped up indoors, many of us decided it was high time to get back out into the world — and what better way to do that than hosting a gathering in a beautiful, mixed-use outdoor setting?

These days, outdoor spaces are looking just as homey as indoor ones. Gone are the days of plain concrete slabs sufficing for a patio, and in are comfortable outdoor seating, sleek and efficient grills and other cooking amenities, built-in custom fire pits, and all the trappings of a warm and inviting outdoor space! For many of us, the patio or deck is the new living room, and it can be for you too in your new home.

Incorporating Mixed-Use Spaces

Who said you needed to have one whole room per day-to-day activity? A living room just for lounging, a home office just for working, bedrooms just for sleeping — recent custom home building trends say consider thinking outside the box instead!

Instead of a separate living room and kitchen, combine the two to make an open, spacious great room that’s fantastic for hosting gatherings in. Design your home office with more than just work in mind by incorporating space for gaming and other fun activities. Set up your bedrooms for more than just sleep by designing it with entertainment and work or study in mind — this makes for an excellent homework space for your kids!

custom home building trends