The Hottest Neighborhoods for a Denver Custom Home

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The Denver custom home scene is booming, with each new development pushing the home design and architecture styles paradigm. New homes are being built across the metro and any Denver realtor will tell you that there are a select few up-and-coming and existing neighborhoods that aspiring custom home owners and developers gravitate towards. In these five neighborhoods, beautiful custom homes are not only plentiful, but incorporate the best and latest homebuilding trends and provide those neighborhoods with character that is a unique representation of cutting-edge style. If you’re looking to build your own custom home and want to be surrounded by good company and great architectural style, these are the five top neighborhoods you should consider when building or buying your Denver custom home.

Lower Highland (LoHi)

Northwest of downtown Denver, Lower Highland is a hub for everything trendy in the greater Denver area. Also dubbed LoHi, Lower Highland boasts an especially hip aesthetic with hip homes to boot. With all that’s happening in LoHi, between the bars, eateries and historic old-style establishments and gathering places, there’s good reason to want to live in LoHi, and many Denver homeowners are deciding that this culture hotspot is the spot of their future home. And the fact that LoHi is home to many great amenities for families, from great schools to nearby parks, it’s a neighborhood that current or future parents may find especially enticing. With spacious sidewalks and plenty of room for gorgeous front lawns, LoHi is a joy to take a morning walk through, and you may well find that your dream home will look perfect nestled among the other gorgeous homes native to LoHi.

Observatory Park

Located west of the University of Denver, and a hop, skip, and a jump away from the aforementioned University Park, Observatory Park retains much of the same charm as its neighboring neighborhood and all of the same upsides. Named for the 19th century-era Chamberlin Observatory, the neighborhood’s defining attraction and historical site, Observatory Park blends the appeal of a college town with a classic suburban feel. The west of Observatory Park serves many needs of the university students, from fraternity houses to university facilities, while the neighborhood’s east provides Observatory Park residents with easy access to the highway and additional shopping and gathering centers. Wide promenades with plenty of shade allow for easy and pleasant commuting by both car and foot, and the lots here are generally large with plenty of space for large homes, big yards, and many homes even have room for a round-property fence. No matter the style or needs of your custom home, Observatory Park provides a quiet, yet connected place to build the home of your dreams, no matter how big.

University Park

So named for the nearby University of Denver, University Park is one of Denver’s top spots for big homes, spacious yards, and a friendly suburban look and feel. Located on what was once the outskirts of Denver, University Park is now firmly within metro Denver’s bounds while not being too close to the heart of the city. This neighborhood is home to many elite homes, as well as several open lots and sites that may prove perfect for your future custom home.

If you choose University Park as your neighborhood, your home will be in good company. From Tudor to contemporary, University Park is another neighborhood flush with different styles and ages of house. What’s quaint and old-style on one corner may turn into brand-new, sleek and stylish on another. It’s also home to many parks and other green spaces that serve their community well, not to mention the fact that the famous University of Denver is situated right on the neighborhood’s periphery. After all, what student wouldn’t like to live within walking distance of their campus? If your goal is a big, spacious home with plenty of room for activities, University Park may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

The Highlands

The historic neighborhood of Highlands is one rich with history, culture, iconic Denver architecture and, of course, beautiful homes galore. Adding your custom home to the ranks of the Highlands will pay dividends, as you’ll be right in the center of all that’s happening in the Denver metro — and enjoy one of Denver’s best neighborhoods to boot. Sitting beside the river, Highlands packs a lot of punch in a relatively small area. Some of Denver’s most popular gathering spots are situated here, and the Highlands’ accessible walking infrastructure means that those locales may well be within your new home’s walking distance. Enjoy living beside, perhaps even within, history, as the Highlands has a multitude of historical Denver sites and historical districts within its bounds, meaning your home will sit beside some of metro Denver’s oldest standing houses. The Highlands is, and will likely remain, one of Denver’s hottest neighborhoods — not just for aspiring custom home owners, but for people all around the metro.

Platte Park

Platte Park is an inviting, idyllic neighborhood in Denver that offers an unmatched blend of comfort, convenience, and charm. It’s an ideal location for those looking to buy a home in an established neighborhood that seamlessly combines city amenities with suburban tranquility. Platte Park is named after the verdant park that forms the heart of the neighborhood, offering open green space, playgrounds, and a community center.

Homes in Platte Park are primarily historic bungalows and Victorian-era houses, blending an old-world charm with modern upgrades, making them highly sought after. The neighborhood is also home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, boutiques, and coffee shops, particularly along South Pearl Street. The walkability of the neighborhood combined with its local farmers’ market adds to the sense of community here.

Moreover, Platte Park is known for its high-rated schools, making it a desirable area for families with children. Its proximity to downtown Denver, University of Denver, and the light rail station, makes commuting effortless. This neighborhood’s balance of urban connectivity, historical charm, community spirit, and access to open space, makes Platte Park a premier choice for buying a house in Denver.